Vending Faq’s

We offer a start-up time table to assist you in becoming a successful vending machine owner/operator. This program begins with the order of your machines. We will give you the skills and information you need to run your business.

  • AustVending will assist you in learning the following:
  • Correct installation procedures
  • Capable programming of the machine for pricing
  • Correct filling techniques, including fill cycles
  • Basic machine maintenance
  • Fault-finding procedures including replacement of some components
  • Strategic information to help you grow your business

As part of your training, you will learn how to service and maintain your machines to ensure you are able to fix any minor problem.

AustVending prides itself on the support we provide our clients. Our relationship with you only just begins with the purchase of your machines. We are committed to providing you with the best products and services available.

AustVending’s machines originate in Sydney, Melbourne, Italy, and the United States . Standard freight charges to your site are additional. These charges currently range from $50 to $600 and depend on the weight and size of your machines. GST will be applicable. Normally, delivery to your sites will be 2 to 6 weeks from receipt of your order.

There are many thriving locations for vending machines in Australia and New Zealand today, and therefore business opportunities for investors.

We will teach you our proven site-finding procedures as part of your training program. We can also arrange your locations for you, but we encourage you to be proactive in taking ‘ownership’ of your new business by finding your own sites. The ability to find your own locations will be one of the keys to your long-term success. You are your own best locator because you care the most about your locations.

  • Finding good locations for your machines
  • Regularly servicing your machines so they are always clean, filled and working properly
  • Re-locating any machines which are not performing to your expectations
  • Smart purchasing to maximise your profits!

Our vending machines can support national charities. The business owners of the sites where the machines are placed, donate the space for the machine and your contribution to the charity is an annual promotion fee which is tax-deductible. This promotion assists in securing good locations for your machines. Profit sharing is also a viable placement method.

The tax claim for depreciation can range from a 20% to 100% write-off depending on the owner’s estimate of useful life of the machines. You should seek independent advice from your accountant or solicitor in this regard. AustVending can refer accountants and financial planners to you if needed.

The best way of securing great drink prices, is to search supermarkets specials. Supermarkets have great buying power and they will supply cans for as low as 35c each

You should consider whether you should register for GST and obtain an ABN for your vending machine business.

Registering your business may also allow you to claim input credits for GST, as well as to claim legitimate deductions such as depreciation, work expenses, car and so on. You can get information kits and register your business at the ATO website at or the equivalent in New Zealand.

You will most likely need an A.B.N to trade with any of the suppliers although you do not need one to order machines from AustVending.

AustVending’s vending machines are the highest quality available in the Australian market-place. AustVending’s warranties cover all machines

All powered machines have a 12 months, parts warranty while U-Turn vendors have lifetime warranty against manufacturer’s defects.

An important consideration is “will I be supported after I buy my machines?”

AustVending works with a national network of technicians to support any technical needs that may arise. We also provide you with a convenient online store to purchase spare parts and bulk confectionery. Business reviews are included for your investment after 90 days of establishing your round. After all, we want you to be successful so that you will come back and grow your business with us.

To assist you to conduct your research into the vending business we are happy to provide a list of operators to discuss our history and the vending business. Each person has agreed to be contactable on our behalf so please use their time wisely – contact each only once and at a reasonable time.

Once your investment is confirmed, a 60% deposit is required to order your machines. AustVending’s office will then keep you informed of scheduled delivery times and the necessary steps you would need to take to be fully organised in advance of placing your machines.

  • You can browse our vending packages here
  • Visit our Contacts page to lodge a request for more information

Thank You

Thank you for your enquiry about vending machine investments. When you are ready to take your next step, please contact AustVending’s office and we will gladly assist you. We would be pleased to provide referrals and answers to any further questions you may have.

Visit our Contacts page to contact your local AustVending office or lodge a request for more information about our local vending packages here

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