Does Austvending has a buy-back policy?2022-02-11T03:34:07+00:00

Can I sell my business? Austvending does not have a buy-back policy. Austvending has helped numerous people to sell their business, some with a healthy profit. You can sell your business at any time. We recommend that you keep all your records as these will help in the sale of your business.

What are the tax benefits?2022-02-11T03:33:27+00:00

We would like to encourage you to work with a taxation agent to both achieve the maximum tax benefits and to avoid any mistakes.

Do I have to register a business?2022-02-11T03:33:02+00:00

You can start your U-Turn machine business without having a business registered. As your business takes off, you may like to ask for an A.B.N (Australian Business Number) to register your business activity and for taxation purposes. After that if you want, you can register a business name. You can always operate as a sole trader with your own name as the business name. It is best to talk to your local qualified accountant for structure and taxation advice.

What does the personal training involve?2022-02-11T03:32:39+00:00

The personal training explains all the aspects of the running of your business. It has three main components:

Setting the U-Turn machines: includes assembling, understanding the parts and the way the machine works, how to use the product labels, how to calibrate and fill up the machine and quality control prior to delivery.

Delivery and service: How to deliver a U-Turn machine into a business that has agreed to accept a machine in its premises, how to service the machines (collecting the money) and use the service form, how to plan changes and product mix considerations.

Location finding: Approaching businesses and ensure they accept your machines, the use of the site finding form, the various methods to find locations. The training program is a hands-on practical and very dynamic program that goes beyond the Owners Manual by taking you into real life situations, always guided by a qualified instructor who also owns UTurn machines. It usually takes around 5 to 6 hours to complete.

What is the Austvending’s Insurance program? And how much does it cost?2022-02-11T03:32:02+00:00

The Austvending Theft and malicious damage insurance progam is separate and covers machinedamage (beyond repair) and theft in cases where there has NOT been a break-in into the business where your machine is located. You will have to produce a police report and pay an excess of around $300 in order to receive a new 4-selection machine. It has a cost of $19.50 per machine per year plus GST.

Do I need public liability insurance? Is it included in my investment?2022-02-11T03:31:27+00:00

Yes, as with any business, you require public liability insurance. In the case of the U-Turn machines vending business, the public liability insurance is a requisite to access the charity program. The public liability insurance is not included in your investment. We will provide you the name and contact details of the insurance company that has been supplying this insurance for our clients for the last 6 years.

Where do we source our products when we finish with the ones that are supplied with our investment?2022-02-11T03:31:02+00:00

You will receive a list of local suppliers in your area or you can also buy from Austvending.

What is the use by date on lollies?2022-02-11T03:30:37+00:00

The use by date is usually 12 months to 24 months.

What product works best with the U-Turn machines?2022-02-11T03:30:01+00:00

M&M’s, M&M’s peanut, Skittles, Double Bubble, Mints, Bouncy Balls to name a few. The best product depends on the location where your machine is located. We have successfully tested more than 24 different products through the U-Turn machines, including novelty toys and nuts. You will receive enough product variety to make the necessary changes in terms of best-performing products.

Is the market saturated?2022-02-11T03:29:36+00:00

No the market is not saturated. This business is in its growing stage and you can find countries where there is one machine for every 25 population. Austvending works on one machine for every 100 population and so far we are a long ways off that.

Can I have an exclusive area to place my machines?2022-02-11T03:29:05+00:00

Exclusive areas are not necessary. Bulk vending is an impulse sale and machines will only compete with each other if absolutely next to each other. We have seen four or more machines in the same business but all in different areas without conflict. Also you might know of a location outside of your “designated” area and want to supply the service; the same is true for other vendors.

Can I work out an area where I want my machines placed?2022-02-11T03:28:43+00:00

Yes, certainly you can. Please supply your choice of suburbs with postcodes.

What are the locations that work the best?2022-02-11T03:28:19+00:00

There are many types of locations, and there is no way to anticipate the location performance in terms of revenue. Our experience shows that you must try all locations and fine tune your locations according to the money they generate throughout the life of your business. There are many cases where businesses with low number of staff or client flow are producing much more money than businesses with hundreds of employees. We encourage you to try all locations and to find the products that appeal them the most. U-Turn machines are successfully located in the following: pubs, clubs, fast food outlets, retail stores, staff rooms and anywhere people congregate.

Do we pay “rent” or “kickbacks” to businesses, as in snack and drink machines, in order to have our machines on location?2022-02-11T03:27:49+00:00

Almost all machines will be located working with the charity program. The businesses will accept your machines because they do not take much space or electricity, because of the quality products they supply and because of the community contribution they generate. If you want to engage a commercial arrangement with any business in order to have your machine located in its premises, you are free to do so.

Can you tell me more about the charity program?2022-02-11T03:27:16+00:00

You will be able to use your nominated charity name and logo in a set of tools designed to find locations for your machines. You will establish a good relationship with the businesses that are hosting your UTurn machine, while at the same time increasing their goodwill. The charity fees are $2.50 + GST per machine per month.

Do we pay any ongoing fees or money to Austvending?2022-02-11T03:26:24+00:00

No, the only ongoing fees you have to pay are the charity license fees.

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