Is a vending machine right for you

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If you have aspirations of more free time, financial independence or wealth creation, and more time to spend with your family, then vending is a proven way to achieve your goals.

If you want to have an additional income for your current job, plan for retirement, or keep yourself active, then you are looking at the right industry.

We would be pleased to offer you advice on how a vending business can be your means to attaining your goal. You can read on or see how our clients made vending work with our help.

Jeff Callis is a very successful vending owner. He was a primary school teacher and single father who started in vending because he wanted to supplement his income to support his children.

As soon as he began, he recognised the potential of the vending business. Within eight months, he left his teaching position and became a full-time vending operator.

Jeff now only works half as many hours a week as he did as a teacher and earns three times as much!

He enjoys his new independence and flexibility and appreciates the feeling of financial freedom that he is experiencing through his vending business.

Like Jeff, there are many others enjoying the benefits of a vending business. We have real people available to talk to you about their vending experiences.